The new Mundstoff product range offers concentrated fruit juices. All one needs to do to enjoy a refreshing soda is to dilute the desired flavor in water and then add ice.

Mundstoff comes from Hamburg, Germany, a city with a strong connection to the sea, commerce and shipping, due to its famous port. At the same time, the high-quality natural juices found in the Mundstoff mixes come from selected producers, mainly from the fertile Mediterranean region. We tried to highlight the relationship of the above elements in the juice packaging, where nautical tattoos, trees, water and juicy fruits are intertwined in a surreal way. Giant hands squeeze the fruits, creating a sea of flavor!

Creative Direction: Nikos Giuris
Illustration: Adamantia Chatzivasileiou
3D: Poppy Zafeiraki
Copywriting: Rieke Hümpel

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