Le petit éléphant is a new online store for children/baby clothes and accessories from Thessaloniki. We took over the design of the brand, aiming to effectively communicate the philosophy of the two founders, Aggeliki and Viki. Through form, color, typography and illustrations we wanted to reflect the joy of life but also the quality of the products. The protagonist of the visual communication of the store could not be other than the little elephant that accompanies the majority of the applications.

Regarding the separate aspects of the creative process, the symbol we designed refers to the parent's hug and/or the elephant proboscis, while the characteristic French accent complements it and reveals the initial of the name (é). The unpretentious style of typography predisposes to something child-friendly and innocent, without trying to attract attention or pretend to be something that it's not. The Clumsio font from Studio Hervik found an ideal application to this reasoning. The illustrations of animals and other natural elements add character to the brand and faces that create a relationship with the young and the older audience.

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