The word Arritos in greek means something that can not be said or described. It is a word that characterizes the unique experiences of Arritos herb blends. Therefore, the objective of designing the packaging of the packaging series was to visualize this concept. The starting point of this visualization was the logo, an abbreviated "A" formed by crossed lines, thus symbolizing the impossibility of describing the experience in words. At the same time, the form of the symbol also works as a reference to the tradition, with which Arritos connects, visualizing the wooden beams of the roofs in the Greek villages. The above forms are also the main visual elements of the packages, being the continuation of the original idea. The design is supplemented by illustrations of instructions.

Regarding flavor distinction, we chose a rather unconventional way, by printing only one color. Initially, printing only black on gray paper ensured design consistency and uniformity on the shelf. The distinction is achieved by using a sticker, visible from the two main sides of the package, in the color of each taste.

In terms of materials, the Fedrigoni Materica Clay paper we chose shows exactly the sense of authenticity and quality we wanted, giving not only a special character to the look of the package but also to the texture.

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