A Promise to Animals is an organization created by Erietta Kourkoulou-Latsis with the aim of abolishing all kinds of animal exploitation and promoting veganism as a diet and lifestyle. 
The design of the new image for A Promise to Animals is based on creating a matching to its philosophy, interesting and functional visual identity. Our research was focused on the activist aspects of veganism, as the driving force of Erietta and the organization. At the same time, APA's activities can often be dynamic, as the action at the Attica Zoological Park in 2022, but the visual identity must also adapt and fit in a different and calmer environments, such as that of a school, where the primary goal is a positive mood and education on the values of veganism. Our goal was to create something that would pique the viewer's curiosity with the ultimate goal of being informed, engaged and spreading the values of A Promise to Animals. 
From the struggles for black rights in the US over half a century ago to today and from the Western world to the Arab world, people have been expressing their position powerfully and peacefully with the help of placards. This particular item has perhaps one of the strongest and most historically moving ties to the rights struggles. It is universally recognizable, direct and flexible. Through the placard, the human who holds it stands behind the position he advocates, putting his claims above and ahead of him in a powerful symbolic image.

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