RAIONA is a new company from Thessaloniki/Greece, active in the development of electronic games. "Raiona" stands for "lion" in the language of the natives of New Zealand, the Maori. Studying the culture of the Maori, we selected some features, which we then incorporated into the design.
The forms of the logo and the graphic elements of the visual identity are inspired by the Maori tradition in tattooing, as well as by the totems they create. In terms of the color palette, black is one of the national colors of New Zealand and the Maori. At the same time, it is the only color the natives choose to mark their skin with. The typographic language is inspired by the cultural characteristics of the Maori; dynamic forms, sometimes hard corners, but with humanistic elements.
The visual identity of RAIONA is printed on paper of different colors and textures, just like ink decorates different skins, some lighter, some darker, giving a unique result to the one who has chosen to mark their body.

Font in use:
Charybdis by Atypical
Papers in use:
Alga Avorio, Alga Camoscio & Oikos by Chatzialexiadis
Eco Recycled by Perrakis
A, upane! ka upane!
A, upane, ka upane, whiti te ra!

A step upward, another step upward!
A step upward, another... the Sun shines!
The final lyrics of Ka Mate, a Maori Haka (traditional dance).

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